Dad is the main character of the Dad YouTube channel. Dad Story is an interactive story, the puzzles, hidden info, and other tidbits are for those who don't want to just sit back as the story of Dad life unfolds.

Dad inhabits the body of Captain Andan Rill, the past life of Nathan Barnatt, this is because the COMPUTER MASTER recognised him from the failed space mission to Planet CFB and chose to exploit him to feed the server and Wife also used his money to fund her mysterious mission to Planet 9.

Dad Lives in Town, USA which is located within The Server, where he lives with his Wife and Daughter.

Dads goals are to become the best YouTuber and Pop-star. This is because Dad becomes more powerful the more people subscribe to him, but once he hit 100k subscribers Dad finally woke up and now he was Captain Andan Rill. He was briefly replaced by Dad Bot 22, but Dad Bot 22 was killed off by Dad Bot 69.

Dad, Captain Andan Rill, Dad Bot 22, and Dad Bot 69 are all played by Nathan Barnatt, Nathan is also the mastermind of the channel. But, in the Dadaverse the mastermind is the mysterious COMPUTER MASTER.

Thing that Dad likes includes: Wife, True Value, Kohl's, STORE, Dadcraft (Minecraft), Diane, FOOD and FOOD related Products.

Things that Dad dislike are: Neighbor, and Job.

Dad has a Job at Office where his Boss has Dad do Lots of paper work, and sadly Boss over works Dad. Luckily Dad has an E-Phone where he can work from home in the company of Cheryl, or play Dadcraft all day in the company of his Little Towels.

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